Vision & Mission

To create a community of lifelong learners, sharing a sense of wonder and a love of knowledge...


Learning Goals

We at St. Willibrord International School believe that real education should prepare a child for life.

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School Infrastructure.

The School building has been innovatively designed to facilitate a wide range of teaching and learning processes.

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A strong inner voice and incorruptible commitment are rare qualities in today's competitive world. Yet these facets of integrity become the greatest guide through the complexities of adult life. Through critical modules in our curriculum and by setting an example ourselves, we aim to foster the highest standards of integrity in children. Integrity that will later benefit and guide them in several aspects of their life:

  • Integrity to develop as wholesome individuals.
  • Integrity to uphold and defend the truth
  • Integrity to live in harmony and mutual respect.
  • Integrity to resist corruption.

Wisdom is learnt through experience and reflection. With wisdom as our objective, we encourage children to experience knowledge through research, investigation, listening and visualization. We encourage them to calmly ruminate on newly acquired knowledge to help them make their own inferences and co-relations. Through these methods and encouraging a reflective connection with God, we seek to give our children:

  • The wisdom to better themselves and their community.
  • The wisdom to be comfortable and happy with who they are.
  • The wisdom to spread the warmth of God's grace.

In a world that is ever changing, the children of today face challenges never seen before. As they plot their course through life they will face challenges that are today, unfathomable. Besides the knowledge and skills we nurture in them, they need the strength to relentlessly overcome the hurdles of the future. Hence, at SWIS we seek to:

  • Strengthen their hearts, minds and bodies
  • Strengthen their skills, thinking and imagination
  • Strengthen their character, values and attitudes
  • Strengthen their faith, belief and spirituality
  • Strengthen their very purpose in life

An attitude of service built around humility, peace, respect and responsibility is a sure path to a happy life. By providing children opportunities to experience and reciprocate acts kindness, generosity and forgiveness, we hope to kindle a keen sensitivity to these values. We hope that this will help them grow into peaceful, generous, helpful and friendly citizens with a sincere respect for god, elders, nature and society.

  • Service that works with passion and zeal.
  • Service that brings gratitude to life.

edexcel Affiliation Number: 93718